We were founded through strong commitment to community back in 1849, and it remains our focus moving forward.

By investing to support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, we are contributing to building a better future for Australian communities.

We believe strong financial performance should not be at the cost of our communities and environment and, as a responsible investor, we see our role as using your funds under our management to achieve measurable and lasting positive change.

We invest for financial gains and for positive change.

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About our investment strategy

Our investment strategy involves financing ethical ventures and delivering positive ESG outcomes.

When you choose Foresters Financial, you invest in both yourself and the future of your community. You choose to:

  1. Safeguard your personal wealth by trusting a proven provider with over 170 years’ experience, $390 million in funds under management, and 80,000 members across Australia.
  2. Safeguard the future of your community through a range of responsible investment practices that are at the heart of our products.



Here’s how we invest in a brighter future for communities across Australia.

Investing for impact

With over $390 million in funds under management, impact investments are an important part of our investment policy, ensuring our capital can be used to create positive social returns.

The Foresters Financial Community Grants Account

When you invest with Foresters Financial, you are giving back to your community through the Foresters Financial Community Grants Account.

A proportion of the management fee from our unit-linked investment options will be donated to the Foresters Financial Community Grants Account. The funds will provide grants that support Australian charities, creating positive change.

Responsible Investment Policy

Before we allocate any investment, we follow a process of analysis using a range of criteria for responsible investment.

This ensures we invest in positive, forward-thinking, and community minded ventures.

It’s a two-tier approach to RESPONSIBLE INVESTING:

  1. We support companies with a long-term, proactive focus on environmental and social issues.
  2. We support long-term, sustainable financial growth for you and your family.