We were founded in 1849 on a strong commitment to community, and connection to community remains our focus moving forward.

By investing with an ethical overlay and aiming to support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, we are contributing to building a better future for all Australians.

We believe strong financial performance should not be at the cost of our communities. As a responsible investor, we are on the path to ensuring our investments contribute to positive societal change, whilst delivering competitive returns.

We invest for financial gains and for positive outcomes.

Grandparent and child in the garden

Our investment strategy

We are committed to investing in companies that prioritise ethical, social, and sustainable outcomes and demonstrate engagement in good corporate citizenship. View our Investment Policy.


When you choose Foresters Financial, you invest for your future and the future of your community. You choose to:

  1. Grow your wealth by trusting a proven provider with over 170 years’ experience, $390 million in funds under management and 80,000 members across Australia.
  2. Safeguard the future of your community through a range of responsible investment practices, which are at the heart of our products.

Responsible Investing

Responsible Investment Policy

Our responsible investment policy uses an ethical screen and ensures we invest in positive, forward-thinking investments. which enhance financial performance whilst generating sustainable outcomes. View our Responsible Investment Policy.

The Foresters Financial Community Grants Account

Part of our management fee from our market-linked investment options will be donated to our Community Grants Account to support Australian charities that are working to foster positive and sustainable social change in line with community needs.

Investing for impact

We actively seek opportunities so our capital can be used to create positive social impact as well as to generate strong financial returns.