Foresters Funeral Bond

The Foresters Funeral Bond is a capital guaranteed investment product with the specific purpose of contributing towards future funeral expenses. Any investment made into a Foresters Funeral Bond is held in the funeral benefit fund of Foresters Financial.

Investments in the Foresters Bond can be assigned to a specific funeral director, meaning on the death of a client the value of the investment will be paid directly to the relevant funeral director once they provide the requisite documentation that demonstrations the contracted funeral service has been conducted. An assigned bond may only be reassigned with the consent of the existing funeral director.

Once assigned to a funeral director, that funeral director becomes the legal owner of the bond and all future correspondence regarding the investment will be sent via that funeral director.

Non-assigned investments are released to a client’s personal legal representative (usually an executor) to be applied to proven funeral expenses.

Key features of the Fund, as they apply to a funeral bond;

  • Investments are capital guaranteed
  • There are no medical restrictions
  • Investments can be made in joint names.
  • The bond may maximise social security entitlements for certain clients.
  • Annual bonus payments are applicable
  • Payments can be made as either a single lump sum or by way of regular instalments.

To find out more about the bond, download the product disclosure statement here or contact us.