It’s Your Funeral So Why Not Help Organise It

We had just stepped out of the chapel having sat through the funeral service of my late Uncle Peter when my wife turned to me and said, ”I didn’t realise that Peter had once taught in New Guinea.”

As innocent as this comment was it made me think about my own life’s history.

Were my family aware of some of my past achievements? Did they know about my highs and my lows and the things that were in fact very important to me?

I decided then and there that I needed to do something about it, particularly while I still had all my faculties!

It wasn’t the easiest of tasks I had ever undertaken not to mention the conflicting thoughts running through my head.

Was I being overly morbid…was I just being selfish and egotistical? Or in fact was taking the time to document my wishes an invaluable gift to leave for my loved ones?

It then dawned on me that organising a funeral really needed someone who had the skills of an event manager. Gone are the days when funerals are sombre and sad. Sure there are still all the mandatory questions that families have to answer but at the end of the day funerals are more a celebration of one’s life.

I always did enjoy a good party so if it was my life they were going to celebrate than I certainly thought I better put in my two cents worth.

“By documenting your wishes you can ensure that your life is celebrated just the way you want it to be remembered.”