Marriages, Funerals and Family Disputes

I always say that the best party you can attend has to be a wedding.

I’ve never been to a bad one and I always look forward to the next one.

But having been involved in organising my own two children’s nuptials not to mention my own, the one thing that I will always remember were the heightened emotions that seem to go hand in hand with a wedding.

And the same can be said with a funeral.

Whether it’s the fact that both events intensify our emotions or the fact that entire families now find themselves forced to bear the company of relatives whom they had previously successfully avoided, that triggers it, but whatever the case, certainly these events can result in unwanted family conflicts bubbling to the surface.

The say in life that there are two things you can’t avoid, these being death and taxes. Well, I’ll add a third – family disputes.

In the case of a recently departed relative, because we all care so much we also feel we have lost a part of ourselves and so we feel obligated and in fact desperate to do the right thing. Most times this is done for the right reasons but sometimes it can also be done for the wrong or even selfish reasons. And then there can be other times when because of our own ignorance or the lack of information, misunderstandings and/or mistakes can occur simply because we honestly believe that what we are proposing is what our departed loved one would have wanted.

Whatever the case, documenting your funeral wishes in advance proves time and time again to be the best means to manage and eradicate some of these potential future family disputes. At the very least consider some of the areas of the funeral service which may lend themselves to possible misunderstanding and try and answer those questions now.

Only after you have taken the time to clarify what you really want can you be sure that your funeral will be one to be remembered, and for all the right reasons!

“By documenting your wishes you can help avert potential family misunderstandings.”