It’s not unusual behaviour avoid embracing end of life discussions.

While it can be darn right uncomfortable to think about death,  what’s scarier is broaching the topic with the ones we love.

Yet at the same time planning ahead can prove not only cathartic but more importantly it provides the opportunity to relive many stories about our lives, stories that are not only important to you but could prove invaluable to the ones we leave behind.

Too often because we don’t take the time to share some of these memories our loved ones are left wondering which stories from our lives are the best anecdotes to share at a funeral service.

A funeral service is meant to be a celebration of one’s life so if your past sporting achievements or perhaps the years you spent slogging away at work are not the characteristics you want to be remembered for, then how are your loved ones expected to know unless you have that important discussion with them?

Think about your life as a series of short stories and take the time to share some of these with the ones you love.

“You are the best author of your life’s little stories so make the time to share these with others.”