Introducing… Foresters Financial


We are proud to announce a significant step in the evolution of Foresters with the launch our new name, ‘Foresters Financial’, along with our new logo. It is a reflection on where we are today with our strong history, and where we want to go in the future.

We set about developing a brand identity that more accurately represents what we do and what we stand for. Out of this, our new name ‘Foresters Financial’ and new logo were created. Foresters Financial represents a trusted, member-owned and community focused financial organisation.

Foresters Financial continues to value our founding ethos from 170 years ago of helping people in the community. This strong history remains a key part of us now and into the future. We believe a member-owned financial organisation can not only produce good member returns but should keep our community at the heart of what we do – a social heart with a commercial head.

We feel now, more than ever, that people need to have their financial security put first and Foresters Financial with our capital guaranteed products are well placed to meet this need. We remain proudly member-owned with over 77,000 members and our focus continues to be on increasing value for our members – not driving profits and dividends for shareholders.

Foresters Financial invested since 1849.