Prepaid Funeral Plan

The Prepaid Funeral Plan is a capital guaranteed investment product that works in conjunction with the funeral contract made between a funeral director and their client.  When a client enters into the Plan, their investment is held in the Foresters Funeral Benefit Fund.

Investments within the Fund are applied to meet the funeral expenses of a client as stipulated in their pre-paid funeral contract.

Key features of the Fund:

  • Investments are capital guaranteed
  • There are no medical restrictions
  • Investments must be made in conjunction with a pre-paid funeral contract
  • Once paid, funeral arrangements are locked-in at today’s prices.
  • Investments can be made in joint names.
  • There is no limit as to how much clients can invest, subject to the definition of funeral expenses.
  • The Fund may maximise social security entitlements for certain clients.
  • Annual bonus payments are applicable
  • Payments can be made as either a single lump sum or by way of regular instalments, depending on the policy of individual funeral directors.

To find out more about the plan, download the product disclosure statement here.