Funeral Bond

The Foresters Financial Funeral Bond is a capital guaranteed investment with the specific purpose of setting money aside to contribute to future funeral expenses.

What is a Funeral Bond?

A funeral bond is a tax effective way to save in advance for the cost of a funeral. Simply set aside a single lump sum amount or choose to make regular payments over time and your investment will grow as it enjoys the benefit of annual bonus payments.

A funeral bond may also help maximise any government pension entitlements as it is deemed an exempt asset (provided the sum does not exceed the funeral bond threshold). Importantly, a funeral bond ensures your investment will be used as you intended it, to contribute towards the cost of funeral expenses.

The Foresters Difference

Foresters Financial is a proud member-owned investment and insurance company that puts its members financial security first, with 80,000 members across Australia. With over $380m in funds under management and origins that date back over 170 years, Foresters is a funeral investment expert. Our ethos of helping the community in their time of need that founded Foresters in 1849, continues today.

How to apply

  1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
    Download and read the PDS ensuring that it is right for you and your circumstances. To help you make an informed investment decision, we recommend you obtain independent professional advice from a licensed financial adviser and/or tax adviser before investing.
  2. Complete the Application Form
    Complete your application form online, it’s easy.

Apply for a Funeral Bond

Once all relevant documentation has been processed, we will send you a confirmation letter and Certificate of Membership of Foresters Financial. Any investment will also be subject to a thirty (30) day cooling off period, so should you change your mind during this period for any reason we will refund all contributions.

Helpful Resources

Product Disclosure Statement 150kb (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions

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