Foresters Funeral Bond

The Foresters Funeral Bond is a capital guaranteed investment the specific purpose being to contribute towards future funeral expenses.

When considering a funeral bond the main points to remember are:

  • It is a secure investment in your name
  • It helps relieve the stress and the financial burden of funeral expenses
  • You can invest up to $13,250 (indexed annually)
  • The bond grows in value as it enjoys annual bonuses
  • Monies invested are not deemed part of your assets nor bonus payments part of your income for pension purposes
  • You can invest as little as $25 per month when making regular contributions
  • Should you stop making payments at any time then the money is retained in the fund in your name
  • Monies invested in a funeral bond must be used to contribute towards the cost of your funeral
  • A funeral bond can be taken out in joint names
  • You can nominate your preferred funeral director
  • Your investment is portable and moves with you should you change your place of residence
  • A funeral bond is an effective investment vehicle through which you can financially protect your loved ones.

Got a question? Take a look at our Funeral Bonds FAQs or download the product disclosure statement here.

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