Prepaid Funeral Plans

A Prepaid Funeral Plan is a written contract between you and your funeral director. It details the funeral service of your choice and you pay for it at today’s prices.

When considering a fixed price funeral plan the main points to remember are:

  • You choose your preferred funeral director
  • You decide on the funeral service that you want
  • You receive a written contract documenting your wishes
  • You pay for it at today’s prices – you know exactly what your financial commitment is and there is no more to pay
  • You answer all the funeral questions now many of which your loved ones may struggle with in the future
  • You protect your loved ones from both financial and emotional stress
  • Your investment is not deemed an asset so it can help maximise your pension entitlements
  • You are not limited in the amount you invest
  • Some funeral firms may allow you to pay for your plan by instalments over a three year period
  • Your investment is held at arm’s length from the funeral director
  • Should your funeral director cease to operate for any reason, your investment will be maintained by Foresters in the Funeral Benefit Fund. These funds can only be released by Foresters on your passing.

Got a question? Take a look at our Prepaid Funeral Plans FAQs or download the product disclosure statement here.


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