Wealth Plus Investment Bond

Wealth Plus is a simple, tax-paid, long-term savings plan that combines features of a managed investment portfolio and a life insurance policy PLUS creates lasting positive change for the community.

Existing Members

Wealth Plus has three new investment options to switch to, beyond your current Capital Guaranteed investment, Balance, Growth and High Growth.

Each option has its own risk profile and investment strategy, giving you greater flexibility to select the investment profile that suits your needs. You can switch to one, all or a mixture of the four investment options all whilst knowing your investments will be responsibly invested to benefit the community.

  1. Capital Guaranteed
    Risk level: Low 
    Allocation objective: A diverse range of cash & fixed interest assets with a low risk profile
  2. Balanced [NEW]
    Risk level: Low to Medium 

    Allocation objective: Defensive assets (60%) & growth assets (40%)
  3. Growth [NEW]
    Risk level: Medium to High   

    Allocation objective: Defensive assets (40%) & growth assets (60%)
  4. High Growth [NEW]
    Risk level: High

    Allocation objective: Defensive assets (20%) & growth assets (80%)

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The Foresters Difference

Foresters Financial is a proud member-owned investment and insurance company that puts its members financial security first, with 80,000 members across Australia. With over $380m in funds under management and origins that date back over 170 years our ethos of helping the community in their time of need that founded Foresters in 1849, continues today as we implement our responsible investment policy across all our funds and also with our charitable giving account that has been established to support the communities in which we all belong.

Important Information

Key information regarding investment performance, contribution minimums and fees. Please read the PDS for further detail.

  • Performance

  • Contribution minimums
    Min Balance Amount
    per option
    Min Switch Amount
    per option

    Via the Switching Form

    Min Regular Saving Amount $60 per month
  • Fees
    Management Fee 1.6% (including community grants)

    0.75% (Capital Guaranteed option)

    Establishment Fee nil
    Contributions Fee nil
    Withdrawal Fee nil
    Termination fee nil
    Switching Investment Options Fee nil *
    (may incur investment transaction costs)

Making the Switch

  1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
    Download and read the PDS ensuring that it is right for you and your circumstances. To help you make an informed investment decision, we recommend you obtain independent professional advice from a licensed financial adviser and/or tax adviser before investing.
  2. Complete the Switching Form (for existing members only)
    Complete the Switching Form found online and email it back to us.
    Alternatively, print the form and post return once completed.
    Download Switching Form
  3. Receive a confirmation of change email
    Once all relevant documentation has been processed, we will send you a confirmation and investment statement with your new allocations. If you have more questions please head to our detailed FAQs page.

Top FAQs

Summary of the most common questions , for further information please read the PDS or visit our detailed FAQs page.

  • (1) What is the 10 Year Tax Rule?

    The 10 Year Tax Rule means the income component of your withdrawals from the Fund are tax-free after 10 years if you have met the 125% Contribution Rule and therefore does not need to be declared on your personal income tax return. Income in the Fund is also taxed at the company tax rate (currently 30%) and paid for by Foresters Financial, which means you do not have to declare any income whilst you are invested in the Fund.

  • (2) What is the 125% Contribution Rule?

    In order to receive investment earnings tax-free after 10 years, you must meet the 125% Contribution Rule.
    Whilst there is no limit as to the amount you can invest in the first year of your policy (this will set your benchmark), each following year you can make the same contribution you did the previous year plus an additional 25%, therefore totalling 125%.

    If you contribute more than 125% of your previous year’s contributions, the start date of the 10 Year Tax Rule will be reset for tax purposes. This means that in order to withdraw your funds and have no assessable income, you will need to keep your investment for a further 10 years from this point. Otherwise, any income component of your withdrawals during this period will be assessable income.

  • (3) When can I access my money?

    You can access your money at any time, however if you do so prior to 10 years you will not gain all the tax paid benefits and may be liable to declare the assessable income in their personal tax return in the year it was withdrawn.

  • (4) Can I take this out on behalf of a child?

    Yes, a child aged between 10 and under 16 years old is able to take out a policy in their name with parental or guardian consent. A child who is a policy owner is not allowed to make investment decisions, which includes switching, nominations or transfer of ownership. A child will be the Life Insured listed on the policy. In the unfortunate event of a child passing away, the investment proceeds will be distributed tax-free to their estate.

  • (5) What if I change my mind – is there a cooling off period?

    Only new members are entitled to request, in writing, the cancellation of the policy within thirty (30) days of receipt of confirmation of your policy.

Helpful Resources

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) 150kb (PDF)
Switching Form
Frequently Asked Questions (detailed)
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