Maximise your savings and make the most of life beyond work.

Whether you’re hitting the peak of your earning potential or beginning to consider retirement, now’s the time to prepare your finances for life beyond work. With an established career and some assets behind you, you’ve likely never had greater saving power than you do right now.

Now’s the perfect time to maximise those savings before focusing on your investment returns when you kick back in retirement. We’re here to help you optimise your finances with a view to your best possible future; a future where you can afford to relax, travel, or do whatever else you love in life. Saving for lifetimes!

Let’s explore your options.


Find a cost-effective alternative to superannuation

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Investing in a Foresters Financial Investment Bond offers the benefits of standard super—like long-term saving and your choice of a range of investment options—with the added bonus of having access to your money if you ever need it. You’re free to access your savings at any time. If you withdraw your investment during the first 10 years, you may have to pay some tax.

Access a super alternative

Considering funeral insurance? There might be a better option

If you’re thinking about saving for the costs of a funeral service—whether for yourself, or for an ageing loved one—you’re probably familiar with funeral insurance. But there might be a better way to save. A funeral bond is a fantastic alternative to funeral insurance through unique protections that insurance usually does not include. For example, with funeral insurance, you may lose all your benefits and entitlements once you stop paying your premiums. And the longer you pay premiums, you may end up paying more than the cost of your funeral benefit. A funeral bond is a specially designed financial product to save for your future funeral costs.

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