Unusual Funeral Service Options

My brother-in-law’s name was Ian.

Ian was only 66 years old when, out of the blue, he suffered a fatal heart attack. While it was certainly true that he had a family history of heart problems it didn’t change the fact that his sudden death was a big shock to us all.

At the time I will never forget helping my big sister organise her husband’s funeral.

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t arranged a funeral before, because in fact I had. Some ten years ago I was heavily involved after my own parents tragically passed away. What surprised me however were the many things that had changed in the past decade and the new things being offered that needed to be considered.

While it was a sad time for my family, I was actually quite amazed at all the options that were available when it came time to celebrate the life of a loved one.

For example, there were all manner and forms of jewellery that were now available that would have enabled us to each hold a portion of Ian’s ashes and so a lasting memory of him. There was even the option of having his body cryogenically preserved. Whilst that certainly didn’t appeal to my sister, nor the option of having his ashes embedded into a rocket and scattered into space, what did interest her was having Ian’s ashes turned into a precious gemstone!

As strange or even morbid as some may perceive this to be, Ian now sits proudly on the index finger of my sister’s right hand.

I am sure this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at the time it suited my sister’s needs and as we sometimes irreverently remark behind her back – at the very least she can now certainly keep a finger on Ian’s every movement!

“Consider the various funeral service options that are now available to  help celebrate one’s life.”