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Our Past

Originating in England in the mid nineteenth century, Foresters Financial began life as The Ancient Order of Foresters. The first recorded instance of a Foresters meeting being held was in Leeds in 1834. In Australia, the first branch of the Order (known as a Court) was established in Victoria in 1849.

Foresters Financial was originally a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide financial and social support to members and their families in times of hardship. Members who experienced unemployment, sickness, death or disability could rely on the assistance of the Society to ensure they and their families were looked after during difficult times.

The Ancient Order of Foresters played a particularly strong role in supporting members and their families in Victoria during the depression and both World Wars.

Our Present

Today, Foresters Financial is a public company incorporated under the Corporations Act, as well as being a life insurance company registered under the Life Insurance Act.

Foresters Financial provides high quality investment and insurance products aimed at ensuring individuals and families can protect and grow their capital over time.

Foresters Financial also maintains strong links with the funeral industry, providing funds management for both prepaid funeral plan products and funeral bonds.  The organisation supports a large network of Australia’s leading funeral directors, assisting them in providing high quality services to their own clients.

Our Future

Foresters Financial will continue to operate as a progressive and innovative organisation, always seeking opportunities to further develop the necessary products and services to support our valued members.

Regardless of our new brand identity, Foresters Financial will always hold true to our mission of supporting those who seek to secure a financially rewarding and stable future for themselves and their loved ones.

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