Empowering prosperity for generations

Foresters Financial is built on a proud 170-year history of protecting our members’ financial interests.

Bolstered by proud heritage, we are equally focused on the future. As investment-bond specialists, Foresters Financial grows wealth for tomorrow through sustainable solutions and an innovative, considered investment approach.

An exclusive community sharing in wealth

Foresters Financial was originally founded in 1849.

Our heritage is based on prosperity and protection. Originally, members of the Order of Foresters would band together to support each other in times of trouble. If a family member became unwell, members could rely on a community pool of wealth to navigate the hardship.

Today, the model may have evolved, but many of those key principles and traits underpin Foresters Financial.



  • Exclusively member owned.
  • Wholly dedicated to driving and safeguarding your prosperity. Your finances will always come first: as a proud mutual, we do not distribute profits to shareholders.
  • Committed to providing full confidence and surety in difficult times, with solutions to help you securely transfer wealth, manage inheritance and estates through a tax-effective approach, and more.
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Proud, proven history with a forward-thinking approach

Building on our original philosophies from 1849, Foresters Financial is today a modern investment-bond specialist that empowers prosperity and protects your legacy.


today we:

  • Scale to support our members around Australia.
  • Offer simple digital services and dedicated local support when you need it.
  • Manage over $400 million worth of funds.


Grow your wealth,
consolidate your legacy