Our investment strategy

Governance, objectives and strategies ensure that all Foresters Financial investments are managed appropriately.

For more detail, view our Investment Policy.


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Foresters Financial investment philosophy and objectives

In our experience, an overarching investment philosophy is a useful tool to shape and inform investment decisions.

Our investment philosophy provides the following guardrails:

  • Strategic asset allocation and diversification is an effective way to manage investment risk and achieve target returns.
  • As a long-term investor, we can take advantage of tactical tilts when navigating market volatility.
  • We practice responsible investment and apply a future-focused mindset to achieve investment outcomes.
  • Where possible, seek opportunities to use our capital to create positive social impact while also generating strong financial returns.
  • Tax efficiency and minimising investment management fees can enhance net returns.
  • Provide capital preservation investment strategies to assist our members in achieving their investment objectives.

Sustainable growth through
responsible investment

We offer a Sustainable Investment Option, which is implemented according to our Responsible Investment Policy.

The policy includes measures pertaining to Environmental, Social and Governance appraisal.


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Environmental factors

When appraising potential investments, we consider:

  • Climate change
  • Natural capital
  • Pollution and waste
  • Environmental opportunities
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Social factors

We consider companies in relation to their:

  • Human capital
  • Product liability
  • Stakeholder opposition
  • Social opportunities


We consider companies with positive performance in:

  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate behaviour
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