Foresters Financial offers tax-effective investment solutions to grow and protect multi-generational wealth.

Through robust products and established expertise, we support long-term financial goals including estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer.

Investment Bonds

The Foresters Financial Investment Bond is a flexible tax-effective product to assist in achieving long term financial goals.

A key feature is tax-free earnings and withdrawals after 10 years, while allowing clients to continually contribute up to 125% of the previous year’s contribution.

Our Investment Bond is uniquely configured to support people through a range of investment objectives, including:


Learn more about the Foresters Financial Investment Bond, including investment options and performance.

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Education Bonds

Education Bonds have all the features of an Investment bond with the following added benefits:

  • 30% Education Tax Benefit
    Receive a 30% tax refund when investment earnings are withdrawn to pay for education expenses.
  • Access Tax Free Capital within the first 10 years
    You can withdraw the contributions you have made tax-free at any time, and for any purpose. Referred to as a withdrawal from your ‘capital component’.
  • No Capital Gains Tax (CGT) implications
    Education Bonds are not subject to CGT if the 125% Contribution Rule is met. Meaning, no CGT is incurred for switching investment options or making withdrawals within the first 10 years of ownership or after 10 years.
  • Invest for Your Child/Grandchild
    Anyone over 16 years of age can establish an Education bond, whether it is for their own education expenses or those of a nominated education beneficiary.


An Education Bond can work alongside many existing advice strategies.

  • to save for children’s education,
  • boost long-term wealth accumulation goals without affecting income tax, or Centrelink benefits, and
  • an alternative to complex and expensive family trusts and other wealth transfer structures.


Wealthy investors enjoy the tax and wealth transfer benefits, and asset protection feature, while wealth accumulators enjoy the low minimum investment amount needed to get started and ability to create an ongoing savings plan.

Funeral Bonds

The Foresters Financial Funeral Bond is specially designed to contribute towards the costs of a funeral service.

It supports your clients to save over time and may assist people to maximise pension entitlements: up to $15,000 is exempt under the Services Australia assets test for pensioners (as of 1 July 2023).

The Foresters Financial Funeral Bond supports investment objectives such as:

  • Maximising pension entitlements (asset test exemption)
  • Estate planning
  • Being prepared to cover funeral expenses and protecting loved ones from inheriting unexpected costs
  • Learn more about the Foresters Financial Funeral Bond, including investment options and performance.


Alternatively, contact us for more information about what Foresters Financial can do for you and your clients.

Investment information and performance

Returns will vary depending on a number of factors, including the investment options in which your client invests and the length of time they are invested in the Bond.


Investment Managers

JBWere is Foresters Financial’s investment manager. JBWere is a highly reputable and experienced investment manager with history dating back 180 years. JBWere holds an Australian Financial Services License issued under the Corporations Act 2001.

Adviser resources and forms

To access all relevant forms and documents—including Product Disclosure Statements, Target Market Determinations and all over Adviser and client forms—visit our forms and documents.

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