Ensure access to the highest quality schools and education

With the rising cost of school fees, providing a way to spread the cost of future education expenses is crucial. The Foresters Financial Education Bond is purposefully calibrated to grow and save funds for schooling costs.

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    Convenient access to funds whenever you need

    The funds can be used to pay for or subsidise a broad range of education costs.

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    Unique tax benefits include no Capital Gains Tax and tax offsets

    There is no cap on the initial start-up lump sum, and you can continue to top-up the investment over time.

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    Anyone can contribute to help reach your savings goal

    This allows parents and grandparents to make contributions to the Bond.

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A wealth of investment options

The Foresters Financial Education Bond offers four options designed to align with your distinct financial objectives. Each option has a unique risk profile and investment strategy. You have the flexibility to choose one option, or a combination of options.

Investment options and asset allocations:

View this extract from the Product Disclosure Statement.

*Please note, we recommend seeking professional advice regarding your individual circumstances and whether the investment option(s) are appropriate for you.

Performance and unit pricing

View daily unit pricing. Prices are updated regularly. Alternatively, view historical weekly unit pricing data.


Investment Options Performance

The below return table shows the investment performance for the education bond options:


Education Bond Investment Options
Net Returns 30 June 2024*
Investment Options 1 month Since Inception^
High Growth 0.91% 8.10%
Growth 0.75% 6.57%
Sustainable 0.39% 6.19%
Balanced 0.26% 5.29%

* net returns are net of tax and net of fees

^ Inception date: 24 November 2023

Fees and costs

View the fees and costs extract from our Product Disclosure Statement.

Further details and information

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