What is a Bequest Bond and how can I use one?

A bequest simply means to gift something to someone after your death. That someone could be a charity or other beneficiary. You can use our Investment bond to make a Bequest, ensuring your donation is received and your wishes are honored.

Some unique features that make a bond an attractive option

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    Non-contestable donation

    If you choose to leave a gift using a Will by adding a bequest clause, there is not 100% certainty that the bequest will be provided as intended. That is because a Will can be contested using a family provision claim and most charities, or beneficiaries, don’t have the resources to challenge the claim. In addition, the legal costs can be incurred by the estate, reducing your legacy.

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    No costly set up

    You simply apply and invest. Upon death, a bond is recognised as being tax-free and paid directly to the charity or beneficiary. No yearly renewal is required, and you can update the nominated beneficiary at any time.

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    Funds can be accessed at any time

    A bequest bond allows you access to your money at any time if your circumstances change. Additionally, if a bond is held for more than 10 years, all investment earnings are tax-free.

Investment options to grow your bequest

The Bond offers four options designed to align with your distinct financial objectives.

Each option has a unique risk profile and investment strategy. You have the flexibility to choose one option, or a combination of options.

Investment options and asset allocations:

View this extract from the Product Disclosure Statement.

*Please note, we recommend seeking professional advice regarding your individual circumstances and whether the investment option(s) are appropriate for you.



Performance and unit pricing

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Investment Options Performance

The below return table shows the investment performance for the investment bond options:

Investment Bond
Net Returns 31 May 2024*
Investment Options FYTD 1 year 2 years (p.a.)
High Growth 8.30% 8.86% 6.02%
Growth 6.83% 7.04% 4.68%
Sustainable 5.47% 5.29% 3.70%
Balanced 5.98% 5.25% 3.07%

* net returns are net of tax and net of fees

Key Features and Comparisons

Bequest Bond Inter Vivos Trust (Ancillary Funds) Perpetual Charitable Trusts
Description Established during your lifetime Established during your lifetime Established through your Will and comes into effect after death
Allows gifting to charities Yes, unrestricted Yes, in line with DGR gifting requirements Yes, you can nominate specific charities to receive income from the Trust or identify a broader cause you would like to support.
Initial costs Nil Establishment fees vary, can be up to 1.1% of gross asset value Establishment fees vary, can be up to 1.1% of gross asset value
Ongoing costs All fees and tax paid within the fund Yes, as set by the Trustee + potential investment management fees Estate planning fees + management fees as set by the Trustee + potential investment management fees
Protection from estate processes e.g. probate, Wills, etc Yes, paid directly to the beneficiary (beneficiaries can be changed as requested) Yes, bypasses the probate processes Included in probate process
Contestable i.e. your wishes may be contested and the outcome be different to wishes of investor/testator No No, donations to an ancillary fund are irrevocable Potentially subject to challenge

Fees and costs

View the fees and costs extract from our Product Disclosure Statement.

Further details and information

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