As countries around the world focus on a more sustainable future, people are also looking to make sustainable changes in their lives, including how they invest. Increasingly, investors are recognising that investment bonds can contribute to a sustainable future without compromising investment returns.

An investment bond is a long-term savings plan that combines the features of a managed investment portfolio with a life insurance policy, to provide you access to an effective tax paid long-term investment.

Typically used as a way to help save for significant expenses like retirement, education, a home deposit, or a car, investment bonds allow you to select from predefined investment options, based on your investment objectives and risk appetite, to invest for you; your children’s and grandchildren’s future.

You can typically choose to invest an amount upfront, and make regular contributions over time, depending on your personal savings objectives. Unlike traditional investing options, you pay no personal tax on investment earnings while your money is in the fund.

Plus, withdrawals after 10 years are tax-free. Many financial services providers offer investment bonds – but they do not all offer an ethical option to help grow wealth. Foresters Financials’ investment bond brings together ethical purpose with financial performance through the implementation of our Responsible Investment Policy.

This means that we work in partnership with our investment manager(s) to make investment decisions that consider our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles and achieve competitive financial returns in the same asset class, without compromising our social impact.

We believe strong financial performance should not be at the cost of our communities and environment and, as a responsible investor, we see our role as ensuring your investments have a measurable and lasting impact.

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