Getting the message out about pre-need products can be difficult. As we all know, convincing people to consider their funeral needs in advance isn’t quite as easy or glamourous as promoting the next iPhone.

However, there are still ways that funeral firms can inspire prospective clients to action. One of the keys: understanding motivating factors.

It’s easy to assume that everyone who considers pre-need funeral products does so for the same reasons. Unfortunately, this can lead to generic marketing messages which, while inoffensive, don’t resonate with a client enough get them through the door.

Funeral bonds and pre-paid funeral plans are a great example.

Recent market research commissioned by Foresters Financial has identified a strong difference in motivating factors between those who opted for a pre-paid funeral versus those who ultimately invested in a funeral bond.

Those who opted to take out a pre-paid funeral plan had a strong interest in preventing their family from being burdened with the costs of their funeral. In this situation the key motivators were emotional and strongly linked to family relationships.

For those who opted for funeral bonds, however, the main considerations were more likely to be around the quality of the investment and associated estate planning implications. In this situation, motivating factors were less emotional and more rational.

So what does this mean for funeral directors?

Well, if you’re looking to promote pre-paid funerals, then creating a strong message around family, relationships and preventing funeral expenses being a burden is the way to go.

If you’re interested in growing your bond business, then putting information out into your community about the benefits of a funeral bond as an investment is also a good strategy.

It also demonstrates that by using both pre-paid funerals and funeral bonds together you can most effectively access the whole market, as there might be clients you’re missing out on if you just sell one product or the other.

Finally, knowing a client’s motivating factors can also help get them over the line after they have contacted you in the first instance. If you and your staff take the time to learn why they’re considering pre-need in the first place it’s easier to have a conversation about the benefits of pre-planning a funeral that will resonate with them.

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