Research performed by Invocare was recently quoted in a News Corp article about the benefits of pre-paid funerals. While the article was fairly straightforward, one line about a particular research finding was particularly interesting. On the topic of selecting a funeral director, it read:

“Meanwhile, 39 per cent of 18-34 year olds chose a provider based on it being the first result on Google.”

While many funeral directors understand the need to keep an eye on Google and search engine marketing, this statistic demonstrates that there is a big change coming, as those who have grown up with the internet are increasingly turning to Google for more and more of their information – including help in selecting a funeral provider.

To help clients understand if there are any areas of improvement that may need some attention for their business, we’ve compiled a short list of three quick questions that can help pinpoint any areas that may need work.

1. “How many of our clients find us via Google?”

As demographics change and more people who have grown up with the internet are responsible for arranging funerals, more and more people will likely come to your business after having first searched for you via Google or another search engine.

For this reason, it’s likely that you should be seeing an increase in people who tell you that they found your business online.

If you don’t currently know how many of your clients find you via Google, it might be worth making sure there is a ‘How did you hear about us?’ question as part of your initial meeting.

2. Where does our business appear if we type in Funeral Director in <our town>?

One way many people search for a business or a service provider is by location. We might search for a ‘Plumber in Shepparton’ or a ‘Gym in Ballarat’.

A good exercise is to try the process in your own local area. Open Google or another search engine and type in ‘Funeral Director in Your Town/Suburb’.

What do the results look like? Is your own website near the top of the list, or is it further down?

3. If prospective clients reach our website via Google, is there enough information available that they will feel confidant to pick up the phone and get in touch?

If Google manages to get a prospective client to visit your website, it is worth considering whether your website provides enough information to encourage a prospective client to pick up the phone or otherwise get in touch.

For example, are your contact details obvious and easy to access? Is there information about all the services you offer available, including both at-need and pre-need? If you compare your website to that of your biggest competitor, which looks better or has more information available?

Take a look at the original article published by News Corp here.

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