Now’s the time to let your money do the hard work for you.

Ahh. A proud career has finally wrapped up, and you’re free to do the things you enjoy in life. With the prospect of more time and money on your hands, it’s time to focus on the things you love. Perhaps you’ll travel the world or volunteer in your local community. You might start thinking about providing for your grandchildren. Or considering how your estate will continue to support your family in the future.

Whatever the case, you’re surely looking to maximise your hard-earned savings. With a range of tax-free features, income streams, and investment options designed to make the most of your savings, it’s time to let your money do the hard work for you. After all, you are retired.

Let’s finance your best possible retirement


Make the most from your savings

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After you’ve worked hard, you want your savings to work hard for you! Our Investment Bond provides investment options to cater for your varying risk for return, and allows you to have tax-free withdrawals* and a regular income stream to enjoy your retirement. A investment bond also provides a great way to pass on your wealth to your loved ones by nominating beneficiaries to whom your investment will be distributed.

*Provided you hold your Bond for at least 10 years and adhere to the 125% Contribution Rule

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Provide a financial head start for the young ones in your life

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Financial security is an incredible gift. If you’ve got grandchildren or young people who you care deeply about, you can start building their future today. While it can cost a lot to establish and maintain a trust fund, our Foundation Plus feature in our investment bond is easy and inexpensive to start investing for your loved ones financial future. Start investing with as little as $500, with monthly payments of just $60. Plus, your investment is used to support positive social and environmental change in the community through our responsible investing policy. Think of it like pocket money for your loved ones, with a purpose!

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Start preparing for a celebration of your life

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When you’re busy living life and enjoying your hard-earned retirement, it’s not easy to stop and think about your funeral. That said, now’s the best time to prepare for the unexpected costs that can be involved with a funeral ceremony. Whether you’re looking for certainty and clarity around your wishes for the ceremony—to take the emotional pressure off your partner or loved ones—or you’re looking to protect your family against inheriting your funeral costs, there are many options to suit your needs. You can pre-pay up front or gradually save for the costs over time.

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