Plan your legacy and provide assurance for your loved ones.

When you’ve been retired for a long period, and you’ve enjoyed time to yourself, you start to think of others: your family, your friends, or causes in the community that are close to your heart.

You’ve worked hard throughout life to accumulate wealth and assets that you have. With some planning and preparation—and a little help—now’s the time to ensure the people or causes you care about most are looked after. Now’s the time to think about how you wish to pass on your wealth to your loved ones and the causes close to your heart; putting money aside for a fitting celebration of your life, protecting your family against inheriting costs associated with your funeral.


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Prepare your estate and protect against uncertainty

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Preparing an estate can be complicated. Firstly, it’s often a novel experience for many people—with processes and terminology you may not be familiar with—and the emotions involved can be challenging too. The easier and clearer your plan, the better.

An investment bond can be an excellent option for accumulating and distributing wealth among your loved ones, as it can provide uncontested certainty and peace of mind. For example, by nominating beneficiaries (or naming the loved ones who receive your wealth), there is no disputing your intentions and your investment will be distributed without delay. Additionally, in the event of your death, the full amount is transferred tax free to your nominated love ones, similar to a life insurance policy. Plus—if you’re philanthropically inclined—our Investment Bond creates positive impacts in the community from the moment you invest.

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Prepare for a funeral and provide surety for your wishes

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A funeral should be a celebration of your life: the things you loved, the things you achieved, and the things that best represent your memory. The best way to ensure your ceremony represents you is to start thinking about those choices today.

A prepaid funeral plan can help you provide clear guidance for your loved ones by outlining your wishes for your ceremony—like what flowers to display, what music is played, where the ceremony is held, and more—while locking in the costs associated with your ceremony at ‘today’s prices’. In other words, you know exactly how much you have to pay, well in advance, thanks to a fixed price funeral contract. It’s a great way to protect your family against inheriting the unexpected costs associated with a funeral ceremony.

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Maximise your pension whilst saving for your funeral ceremony

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A funeral bond is specifically designed to contribute towards the costs of a funeral ceremony, which helps you save for a celebration of your life. In addition to helping you save over time, a funeral bond can also assist you to make the most of your pension. Up to $14,000 (as of 1 July 2022) is exempt under the assets test for your age pension. You can also invest with as little as $100 as a one-off contributions or regular savings from as little as $25 per month.

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