Foresters Financial Limited  

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AFSL 241 421 

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), where an individual (or their authorised person) provides us with personal information to become a member or account holder, that individual may gain access to the personal information that we have collected. 

We collect personal information for the purpose of: 

  • Assessing your product application 
  • Processing payments and redemptions 
  • Investigating product claims or complaints 
  • Administering your account and providing ongoing service 
  • Improving our products and services

If we are unable to collect this information, we may not be able to provide you with the product or service you have requested from us, or it may make it difficult to provide ongoing administration of your account. 


We will only share your personal information with: 

  • Service providers and third parties, as reasonably required and for the purposes obtained, such as accounting, actuarial, legal, audit, professional advisers (banks, insurers, financial institutions, identity verification and fraud detection), IT (information technology) providers, distribution providers such as adviser platforms. 
  • Government regulators and enforcement bodies
  • Third parties that you have consented e.g. financial advisers 
  • A legal personal representative

If you need to contact us regarding the personal information that we hold about you, please call us on 1800 645 326 (free call) or email us 

The latest version of our Privacy Policy may be found on our website. 

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