Chris Harrington, CEO Australasia Cemeteries and Crematoria Association, interview 23.04.21

Dr Philip Bachelor, Cemetery Administrator and Academic, Deakin University, Interview 12.04.21

Stacey Hewson, Funeral Director and Preplan consultant, Seasons Funerals Perth, Interview 12.4.21

Julie Spriggs, Preneed Specialist at Kings Funerals, Geelong, Interview 14.4.21

Sam Voyle, Funeral Director, Kings Funerals Geelong, Interview 14.4.21

Peter Hall, prepaid specialist at Bethel Funerals in Melbourne, interview 15.04.21

Colin Clarke, Clarke Natural Funerals Adelaide, interview 14.04.21

Deanne McLeod, CEO Bowra and O’Dea Funerals, Perth, Interview, 22.04.21

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