Recently, we introduced a Sustainable investment option to Foresters Financials’ established Funeral Bonds and Prepaid Funeral Plans, further cementing our commitment as a responsible investor. It offers a more environmentally friendly and greener preneed funeral investment alternative for both the families and the funeral director.

Introduced as part of our new unit-linked investment options our Sustainable investment option considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and utilises our responsible investment policy to guide our investments to influence positive change.

ESG investing relies on independent ratings that help fund managers assess a company’s behaviour and policies when it comes to environmental performance, social and governance issues.


Performance with respect to renewable energy, carbon emissions, climate change, pollution, energy efficiency and waste.


Companies progress in relation to their employee relations, diversity, inclusion, community relations and human rights and supply chain management.


Companies with positive performance in Board composition and diversity, transparency, equitable approaches to Board and Executive remuneration, risk management, culture and ethics (with no track record of bribery or corruption).

For more information about Foresters Financials’ responsible investing and ESG please see our Investing in the community page.

The investment objective of our Sustainable investment option is to return a Consumer Price Index (CPI) of +2% over the long-term with the strategy to invest in a diverse range of defensive (60%) and growth assets (40%). This results in a low to medium risk profile with investments that have high ESG performance by:

  • excluding entities and/or investments that are exposed to activities that carry significant negative ESG risks, particularly related to the environment
  • excluding entities and/or investments with business activities that are not social responsible investments
  • targeting entities and/or investments with high ESG ratings, particularly related to the environment.

Please be aware that the investment information provided does not consider your personal investment objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend you review the relevant product disclosure statement for more information and seek your own professional financial advice.

With over 170 years of putting our members financial security first and funds under management of over $390m, Foresters Financial are dedicated to fostering communities and building a better future through our responsible investing.

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