Protect loved ones from unexpected funeral costs

This product is a fixed-cost agreement to fund your funeral service. Please note, your plan must be confirmed as a contract with the funeral director that will manage the service.

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    The surety of a stable, unchanging price

    Having a funeral contract with an agreed funeral director ensures you lock in a funeral service at today’s price. This price remains unchanged over time, and the proceeds from your investment can only be used for funeral costs.

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    Shield family from distress

    The loss of a loved one is always a difficult moment regardless of the circumstances. When the time comes for you to pass, ensure the first act of your legacy is to protect family from the unexpected burden of managing your funeral costs.

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    Maximise pension entitlements

    Funeral costs paid in advance typically do not count in your asset test for payments from Services Australia (i.e. Age Pension, Carer Payment, or Disability Support Pension). As a result, you may qualify for a higher payment entitlement while retaining the money invested in your Prepaid Funeral Plan.

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An optional extra for greater peace of mind

By adding ‘Away From Home Cover’ as an optional extra—with a one-off premium of $120—you protect against transportation costs (up to $3,000) if you pass away more than 100km from home while travelling within Australia.

You can purchase Away From Home Cover as an addition to the Foresters Financial Prepaid Funeral Plan if you:

  • Apply for either a single or joint Prepaid Funeral Plan
  • Apply for Away From Home Cover within six months of having already invested in a Prepaid Funeral Plan
  • Additionally, to be eligible for Away From Home Cover, you must:
  • Currently live at your permanent residence; and
  • Be an Australian permanent resident; and
  • Be aged over 18 years and under 85 years of age.

A wealth of investment options

The Foresters Financial Prepaid Funeral Plan offers five investment options designed to align with your distinct financial objectives. Each option has a unique risk profile and investment strategy.

Investment options:

View this extract from our Product Disclosure Statement.

*Please note, we recommend seeking professional advice regarding your individual circumstances and whether the investment option(s) are appropriate for you.

Performance and unit pricing

View daily unit pricing. Prices are updated regularly. Alternatively, view historical weekly unit pricing data.

Capital Guaranteed Performance
Total Return Funeral Benefit Fund Taxable
(after 1 Feb 2011)
Funeral Benefit Fund Taxable
(after 31 Dec 2002) CLOSED
Funeral Benefit Fund Exempt
(before 1 Jan 2003) CLOSED
2018 1.14% 1.14% 0.90%
2019 1.71% 0.71% 1.60%
2020 1.00% 1.00% 0.40%
2021 1.14% 0.57% 0.75%
2022 1.00% 0.50% 0.35%
2023 1.07% 0.50% 1.20%

Notes: The Total Return is the sum of the bonus rate allocated and the tax benefit. Past performance should not be taken as a guide to future performance.

Fees and costs

View the fees and costs extract from our Product Disclosure Statement.

Further details and information

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